G Sharp Base Professional Quality (Right Hand) Flute 24.5 inches (62.23cm)


G sharp Base Flute is lower frequency Sound flute .. it’s a professional quality bamboo flute for Beginners.


The G sharp Base bamboo flute/Bansuri is a professional-quality medium-sized Bansuri. When the upper three holes are covered by fingers, it produces the Indian G sharp base scale.

– In Western classical music style playing, when all six holes are covered, it produces the key note of D sharp.

– This flute is very suitable for beginners.

– Some alternate names for the G sharp Base scale are lower Fourth Black.

– Size: Approximately 24.5 inches.

– Indian name: Black 4.

– European name: Sol diese.

– Country of Origin: India (Indigenous handmade musical instrument Bansuri flute).

– This flute has a low frequency and complex tone that is warm, sweet, and seamless. It’s excellent for classical music, orchestral playing, studio recording, and musical effects..

– Each order includes one Bansuri case. The size of the case depends on the number of flutes ordered, ensuring enough space to accommodate all ordered Bansuris/flutes.


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